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About Pink's Surplus

Ph:  940-264-7465

Fa: 940-264-7466

Toll Free: 877-905-7465

Email: harrishcrew@aol.com

About Pink's Surplus
Written by Pinks Surplus   
Friday, 12 August 2011 20:00
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Pink's Surplus is here to offer you many different services and products that will help you with your business and personal needs.  Some of our services include...


  • Full line of Royal Premium Lubricants
  • Welding and Trailer Repairs
  • New and Used Tools
  • A large selection of hardware accessories (including plumbing and electrical supplies)
  • Window glass sold and cut to order
  • Surplus building supplies
  • Used equipment of all kinds (including industrial, farming, and trailers)
  • Antinques, Collectable items and Rare Treasures
  • and don't forget.... WE BUY ALUMINUM CANS


At Pink's Surplus we have sold EVERYTHING from bowling balls to grand piano's.  Shopping at Pink's is an adventure for all ages.  We are like the weather, if you don't see what you like today, then come on back tomorrow because we get new inventory daily. 

Of course, when you come out to Pinks, your welcome to a bag of fresh hot popcorn and a friendly game of domino's.

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